real fruits and vegetables, and real Vitabri stalls
made especially for children


How to teach to a child the pleasure to eat daily ? How to improve his dietary manners ?
Between 3 and 11 years old it is an intense growing and learning stage for children. They set points of reference which stay after they have grown up. We have to teach them to enjoy eating and having physical activities.

The point is to please them and look after their health.
Teaching your child to eat well is totally compatible with the idea of pleasing him. We have to push them to choose well their food in the early age.


How to educate children to eat well through a children’s market
The idea is to create the Children’ Market, enlivened with real fruits and vegetables, and real Vitabri stalls made especially for children.

When ?
During street markets, agricultural and food shows, but also within the scope of their schooling or even while events opened to the general public as festivals.

The aim ?
We want to raise children's awareness to the idea of eating well, guide them through this learning process, with the knowledge of fruits and vegetables, make them discover the market’s universe. We can also think of other additional aims such as familiarizing them with the financial system through false money, and setting up educational workshop…


In order to help our children to eat better, we have to encourage them to choose their food, to name it, to know it…
We need to teach them today what they will eat tomorrow.

How ?
By creating the Children’s Market.

Where ?
In your market places, supplied by wholesale markets on all the national territory.


During the Children’s Market, workshops around the theme of “eating well” can be put in place in order to raise awareness.

For example, educational games around a market trader with real fruits and vegetables (touch, smell, taste, observe and cook…), or for example a drawing workshop with various contributors (teachers, parents…)

The stalls are ideal for children’s activities

It is the result of year of work from our research and development department, and the first stall with a leaned flat roof.

It uses the principle of functioning of the V3 PRO, which mean that the stall keeps all the same qualities: lightness, simplicity of use and resistance.

Vitabri Mini is equipped with a 3 position awning; it can be used as a communication support or to protect customers depending on the need.

As well as our professional ranges, Vitabri Mini is entirely customizable.

With a 2m x 1m dimension, Vitabri Mini is perfect to shelter children’s activities such as children’s market, makeup and educational workshop, etc.


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